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The Haitian Times 
By Onz Chery
CAP-HAITIEN — In Tabarre, the Port-au-Prince suburb where Kendy Océan lives, Professor Auguste Alexis was kidnapped Oct. 30 and reporter Fritz Dorilas killed Nov. 5. Fed up, and despite the danger to himself, Océan leaves the relative safety of his home every time the Pitit Dessalines, or Child of Dessalines, political party holds a protest.
“We can’t take it anymore,” said Océan, 21, a Pitit Dessalines member. “People don’t even have to wait for political leaders to tell them to take it to the streets. It’s a necessity.”
Scores of Haitians have been taking part in protests, often violent, and participated in putting the country on lockdown over the last two months. Their main demand is that Prime Minister Ariel Henry leave office. Others decry various crises, including the ongoing violence, high price of fuel and hunger. 

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