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BROCKTON — In Haitian culture, food brings people together.
Showing your children the unique recipes passed down for generations is a form of bonding.
Roody Musac, the owner of Delicious Restaurant, learned from his mother and turned those recipes into a thriving business.
Delicious Restaurant, located at 1753 Main St. in Brockton, opened its doors in 2017 as a way to share its simple traditions with Brockton, Musac said.
“Haitian cuisine is not an easy food to cook, and it takes a long time. In our culture, they always say it’s the hands that make the food. We are very proud of what we do and how consistent the recipes are. Every day the food will taste the same. It’s important to us to be consistent,” Musac said.
Musac and his wife, Junette Musac, were planning to open a juice bar and noticed the license they obtained would allow them to open a restaurant as well.
“We always enjoyed cooking, so we thought to ourselves, why not open a restaurant instead,” Roody said. 
Delicious Restaurant’s menu comprises classic Haitian dishes, including breakfast.
Customers can enjoy boiled plantains with eggs, pate kode (a flaky stuffed pastry), bouyon (a vegetable and meat soup), and Haitian spaghetti for a morning pick-me-up.
For lunch and dinner, the restaurant has a selection of meats ranging from goat to chicken, beef, pork and turkey.
You can get these meats fried or cooked in sauce.
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Popular dishes include rice and beans served with a legume (simmered vegetables and meat), macaroni gratinée (a Haitian version of macaroni and cheese), salad Russe (a potato salad with beets), mayi (cornmeal with spinach and codfish), and the conch shrimp plate served with rice, plantains and salad.
All plates can be mixed and matched with your desired rice, beans, vegetables and meat.
Everything is made fresh daily, even the pressed lemon and passion fruit juices.
When Roody came to America in 2007, he worked various jobs to provide for his family.
From working as a dishwasher in a bakery to a CNA in a nursing home, and then working security and earning a commercial driver’s license, Roody has done it all.
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His motivation to work and find new ways to provide comes from his childhood in Haiti.
The culture in Haiti is to work hard and provide for your family, Roody said.
Once Roody felt the restaurant was financially in a good place, he quit his job as a bus driver for the Boston Public Schools to work in the restaurant full-time.
The end goal for the restaurant is to educate the community on their culture and open several Delicious Restaurants on the east coast.
“This place adds a home away from home. It brings the community of Brockton together, especially people of different cultures. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for the Restaurant,” Erlynn St. Cyr, marketing manager of Delicious Restaurant, said.
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