Boat With 253 Haitian Migrants Docks in Cuba Due to Bad Weather – teleSUR English

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by teleSUR/MS
by Manish Rai
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Over the weekend, they were trying to reach the hores of the United States but were unable to do so.
On Tuesday, Cuban authorities reported that the Red Cross was caring for 253 Haitian migrants who were traveling to the United States in a boat, which stopped in the province of Ciego de Avila due to bad weather.
Dominican Republic Calls for Military Intervention in Haiti
The Haitians are in good health and housed in a school, a place where officials from the provincial government went. Local media reported that 31 out of 253 migrants are minors.
Cuban authorities established contact with the undocumented migrants to ensure that they can voluntarily return to their country in an organized and safe way.
This is the second time this year that a group of Haitians has arrived in Ciego de Avila after their boat diverted en route to the United States.
There is an urgent need for international support and solidarity for #Haiti ����. @antonioguterres is calling for international support to the Haitian National Police, including to help restore security and alleviate the humanitarian crisis. pic.twitter.com/L9V2lBT6XK
In February, 292 Haitian migrants, including 56 minors, landed on the Cuban island of Cayo Paredon after being sailing in a precarious boat.
On that occasion, CubaDebate reported that the Haitian boat sailed some 400 miles for 5 days until it ended up landing on the Cuban coast.
In recent years, the persistent economic, political and social crisis that Haiti is going through has forced thousands of people to migrate abroad in search of better living conditions. Gang-related violence further encourages unregulated migration in this Caribbean country.
The UN Security Council approved the imposition of sanctions on Haiti’s armed gangs in a bid to stop the chaos in the Caribbean nation. @telesurenglish pic.twitter.com/WxTK9lBgFf
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