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A group of Brooklyn organizations and the City’s Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs have partnered to launch a program making it easier for Haitian Brooklynites to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
Life of Hope, the Office of the Public Advocate, CUNY Law’s Community Legal Resource Network and CUNY Haitian Studies Institute, along with City, have launched a new clinical program to help both newly-arrived Haitian migrants and long-standing residents of New York seeking to apply under the new Haitian TPS designation.
Language and cost are often barriers to the program, which protects those now in the U.S. from deportation and gives them access to work authorization.
Through January 31, Haitians in need of TPS application assistance and information can consult with CUNY Law alumni attorneys, navigators and interpreters at Life of Hope’s location in Brooklyn by appointment. Life of Hope Executive Director Porez Luxama said the program would help open doors to a “safe and productive future” for Haitians.
Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Raquel Batista said the “the critical TPS expertise” was necessary to support our Haitian community.
“Haitian migrants continue to face an uncertain future, and as the ultimate city of immigrants, it is our priority to deliver resources that will uplift the most vulnerable communities.”
NYC Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams added that program would help Haitian residents know their rights.
“The federal administration has in many ways failed to recognize and adequately respond to compounding crises in Haiti in recent months, but the extension and expansion of TPS is one crucial action which resonates throughout our city, and Brooklyn, in particular,” he said.
To secure an appointment, call Life of Hope at 718-362-3161.
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