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Updated Jan. 17, 2022, 7:16 p.m. | By Poelano Malema
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Biologist Jean Wiener is not only saving the environment but fellow citizens of Haiti as well.

Biologist Jean Wiener is not only saving the environment but fellow citizens of Haiti as well.
 Haitian biologist, Jean Wiener, is playing his part of making the world a better place.
After his home county, Haiti, was affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and tropical, he took it upon himself to make a difference.
Wiener has been working tirelessly to revive the nation’s oceans and coastlines, reports Beautiful News.  
He is the man behind the Foundation for the Protection of Marine Biodiversity (FoProBiM). The foundation is Haiti’s first and only NGO preserving the country’s coastal and marine ecosystems, reports the publication.
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Wiener has intervened by working alongside locals to help plant 700 000 mangrove trees and worked to restore coral reefs. The trees protect people from storms by serving as a buffer to wind and waves.
Beautiful News also reports that Wiener established Haiti’s first Marine Protected Areas and was key in helping government come up with policies that make it illegal to cut down mangroves in the country.
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