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Courtesy of Caribbrew
Both personally and professionally, Beverly Malbranche has always wanted to make an impact in the world and honor her homeland along the way. To meld the two, she decided to open Caribbrew, her Black-owned and woman-founded Haitian coffee brand. "Once I realized that we used to be a major coffee producer, I felt challenged to revive this lost history and create opportunities through it," she recalls, noting that she launched the business, based in Passaic, New Jersey, in November 2018.
"I decided to create my own business in order to have more impact and to use my creativity and determination to offer a positive image of Haiti," she says. "I also wanted to share our gastronomy with the world in some form or shape." Ahead, Malbranche shares how she took her desire for personal fulfillment and meaningful opportunity and channeled them into her work—and ultimately developed a thriving coffee business that is also a tribute to Haiti.
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Malbranche opened her business with $1,000 and built it from the ground up. She turned to Facebook and Instagram to get her company up and running. Through these platforms, she discovered other small businesses and began to learn from them—and started networking offline to build her business, as well. She attended local pop-up shops to continue getting Caribbrew's name out there, and gained business champions and her first customers as a result.
Courtesy of Caribbrew
Caribbrew offers an array of products, but is best known for shade-grown, chemical-free, premium coffee. Malbranche prioritized process when she first started production: Haitian farmers handpick the Arabica beans, which are then roasted in small batches. For those who can't go without their morning cup of joe, you can shop options like the Caribbrew Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee ($15.50, caribbrew.com); it is characterized by its dark, aromatic, heavy-bodied flavor profile. Or, try Caribbrew Medium Roast Kcups ($22, caribbrew.com), made specifically with beans from Thiotte, a mountainous town in the south of Haiti (this roast has hints of chocolate).

"Haitian beans tend to be nutty and mellow in acidity," Malbranche explains. "[The medium and dark roasts] are both smooth, and while you can taste the nuttiness more in our medium roast, the dark roast has notes of dark caramel and a bit of chocolate."
Her company's offerings go beyond coffee, too. Skin care enthusiasts can snag the Coconut Latte Body Butter ($25, caribbrew.com), a Haitian coffee-infused, full body treatment that can reduce stretch marks and cellulite; the Mango Mandarin Haitian Coffee Scrub ($15, caribbrew.com) which exfoliates and decreases facial inflammation, thanks to green coffee properties; and other beauty products, teas, and chocolates from the line.
Malbranche's mission is simple: "I want to create more transparency on the coffee supply chain and create a space for coffee originating from the Caribbean—starting with Haiti," she says. "I also want to support the ongoing efforts to see more Black- and women-owned businesses in the industry." As for her customers? She wants them to enjoy exploring her brand and "savor each cup—and also connect with the folks who grow the beans."

While the entrepreneur has her sights on new goals (the team just launched Caribbrew nationwide via Sprouts Farmers Market and aims to get the brand in more retail locations soon), she has one crucial piece of advice for fellow business owners who are striving for something more. "Give yourself grace and take it one step a time," she explains. "It's good to create a roadmap for the vision that you have. That will help you eliminate some activities that do not align with your goals, so you can focus on what matters."
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