Authorities transfer 850 Haitians for medical care after boat reaches Cuba waters – Haitian Times

The Haitian Times
Bridging the gap
HAVANA, Cuba — Authorities have transferred 842 Haitians found on a boat to a tourist camp to receive medical help after their vessel washed along the northern coast of Cuba May 24, according to Reuters, citing a Cuban state media report.
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The United States-bound boat, which contained more than 150 women and children on board, appeared overloaded in the waters. Some people were even on the top, images from State broadcaster Telecubanacan showed.  
The boat made it to Cuba instead of the United States because of stormy weather and thunderstorms, according to the report. 
When found early Tuesday, the Haitians were in need of humanitarian assistance and medical help. So the authorities took them into the camp for medical care.
Cuban authorities are in contact with the government of Haiti to ensure the safe and voluntary return of the Haitians, according to the report.
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