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The Haitian Times
Bridging the gap
A new feature film about the 2010 earthquake will be available to stream via Amazon Prime Video beginning today. 
Directed by Pete Alcide, the 70-minute “Lupeo” stars actors Olguens Chery, Marjolie Barboza and Gilbert Lubin. The fictionalized story is about a family’s attempt to locate loved ones after the disaster that killed at least 250,000 Haitians.
Alcide said he made the film to show how the earthquake impacted not just those in Haiti, but their families throughout the world.
“Though every family handled it differently, this experience is true for thousands of Haitian families,” he said. “While part of them suffered under the rubble, the others suffered under the pain, anxiety, restlessness and confusion as to why this tragedy was brought onto them.”
Recently, he discussed his reason for choosing the film’s title “Lupeo”, a Greek term, on his Instagram, saying that it is a nod to his Haitian education learning words in Latin and Greek. 
“Lupeo means to be taken into suffering without asking,” he said. “It’s a surprise hit, a sucker punch, and where Haiti is situated, it gets sucker-punched a lot.”
Alcide worked as an actor both on stage and in television prior to forming his production company, PA Films. The company aims to create movies that “allow young minds and talents to evolve and produce creative work that will inspire our community and the world,” according to its website.
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by The Haitian Times, The Haitian Times
March 17, 2022
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