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VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) – Many people living in Haiti are distraught after hearing the news from Agape CEO Allen Speer. Rioters torching and destroying the Agape plane last week. The protestors believed it was a plane belonging to a politician. The plane is a total loss. It’s a plane that brings some volunteers and much needed supplies, such as food, to poor countries.
“It was surreal, it was unbelievable,” said Speer. “As I showed our director of flight operations, both of us just stood there in shock.”
Fortunately, the crew members, volunteers and Speer were not near the plane when all this was going on. The entire team is back on the Suncoast safe and sound.
“Very quickly, we got over the shock,” said Speer. “We were with wonderful people and some quick decisions, some good decisions were made to get our team into a different location.”
Speer says this will not keep them from doing the important work that they do. They are planning on replacing the plane that was destroyed. They are scheduled to fly and bring supplies to Haiti on Thursday with their other plane.
“We believe that God is continuing to call us to share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ,” said Speer. “Not only with these people who stormed our plane, but the people we serve. The Haitian authorities, the entire nation of Haiti and we’re going to continue to serve them.”
For more information on how you can donate and help Agape Flights get a new plane, you can click on this link https://www.agapeflights.com/.
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