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Protests in Haiti over the increasing insecurity turned violent in some places like the southern city of Les Cayes, where people stormed the local airport and attacked a small plane owned by a U.S. missionary group from Sarasota County.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haitians took to the streets Tuesday to protest rising insecurity, with demonstrations turning violent in the southern city of Les Cayes where people stormed the airport and attacked and burned a small plane owned by a U.S. missionary group. At least one person died and five others were injured, including four police officers, in the confrontation between protesters and authorities in Les Cayes, said Gedeon Chery, a National Police inspector assigned to the city's airport. Chery told The Associated Press the person killed was a protester who was shot, but he didn't say whether police were responsible.
Missionaries say rioters destroyed the plane.
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) -Haitian demonstrators protesting against crime in the city of Les Cayes on Tuesday burned a plane belonging to U.S. missionary group Agape Flights, according to local media reports and an Agape spokeswoman. The protesters entered the local airport in Les Cayes even though police fired tear gas at the group, according to a video of the incident filmed by online media group Cayes Infos.
The Des Moines, Iowa-based grocery retailer Hy-Vee is making its entrance into the Tennessee market with its first store set to open in Spring Hill.
Domestic and charter airline operators have temporarily halted local flight service in Haiti after protesters in the southwestern city of Les Cayes on Tuesday tore apart and then burned a plane used by a Florida-based charity.
Here's the latest for Wednesday March 30th: Russia claims to scale back military activity around Kyiv; Ukraine's UN Ambassador says Russia is being demilitarized through losses; Shooting attack in Israel kills 5; 3 Buffalo, NY police officers shot.
Buffalo police say three officers were shot during a pursuit Tuesday. Multiple people are in custody and the injuries to the officers appear to be non-life-threatening.
The pilot reported issues with one of the engines shortly after takeoff
A teen is accused of being an accomplice in a deadly shooting outside of a convenience store in Ocala.
Authorities near Richmond held a meeting to discuss the home, where explosive materials had been found — requiring the temporary evacuation of nearby houses. The owner faces 23 charges, mostly related to drug possession.
Authorities say 22-year-old Jason Anderson, sexually assaulted a teenager during a medical transport.
Police are investigating after 59-year-old Nathale Burris was found dead inside a storage unit owned by Cube Smart in the northwest valley, and questions are being raised about the amount of people who happen to be living in storage facilities.
Clark County school police say they fired at a car when it sped into a parking lot, refused to stop and struck one person. Donyae Williams, whose brother was one of two people shot, said they were trying to leave after another group of people sought to start a fight.
Not only are the billionaire Pegulas footing the bill to Buffalo taxpayers, New York governor Kathy Hochul is conspicuously proposing slashing $800 million from a vital state office — and announcing all this just days before it's to be voted on.
Frederick Woods, 70, was granted parole on Friday after spending four decades in prison for kidnapping a school bus of children in 1976.
The message was heard loud and clear — the village has been completely deserted since February.
One person dead after I-95 box truck crash in West Palm Beach
Queens pizza shop owner Louie Suljovic and his dad, Cazim, intervened when they saw a 61-year-old Korean woman attacked in a violent street robbery.
Hundreds of Ethiopians arrived back in Addis Ababa on Wednesday, the first contingent of some 100,000 nationals to be repatriated from Saudi Arabia over the coming months.
Semajs Short, 24, was attacked by multiple prisoners at Bertie Correctional Institution on Tuesday, authorities said. He was serving a 31-year sentence for second-degree murder.


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