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After rara band wins contest, fans crashes in accident

By Jean Paul Saint Fleur 

CAYES-JACMEL — Three days after six fans of a rara band died in a truck accident, the band learned on Apr. 19 that they won a competition in Cayes-Jacmel.

“We’re happy that we won, unfortunately we can’t celebrate that victory, we’re in mourning now,” said Nesly Jeudy, the treasurer of Inosan Rara band. 

Festi Rara contest was held on April 15 and the day after, coming from a parade, the band crashed in an accident causing six deaths and 72 wounded people.

Festi Rara is the biggest rara contest in Cayes-Jacmel and it has been ten years since the contest has been held on Holy Friday, every year.

The band was planning to celebrate their victory by gathering  fans for a big parade in the neighborhood. They won 15,000 Gourdes or $ 137. This money was split into two families, each receiving 10,000 Gourdes or $91, Jeudy said.

“We know that it’s not much but it’s a gesture to show that we’re with the family, we will never forget them, we would do more if we had more,” Jeudy said.

Nyvia Diclair, mother of Francisco Raymoind who died in the crash, received 10,000 Gourdes.

“I will brace myself with that envelope, no one purposely killed my son, it was an accident and the child I loved the most died,” Diclair said. 

Another family did not accept the envelope because its members are mad at the rara band leaders.

“I don’t know why he is mad at us,” Jeudy said.

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