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Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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Senators passed two resolutions, 106-11 and 106-15. Senators approved a delegate from the Black Student Union to the senate. Two resolutions were tabled. (This photo was taken during a senate meeting prior to the COVID-19 pandemic on Jan. 29, 2019).
The Eastern Michigan University 2022-23 Student Government elections will take place online starting on Wednesday, March 30, at 8 a.m. and ending Thursday, March 31, at 8 p.m.
There are 15 candidates for Student Senate with 16 open seats. Ballots can be accessed via my.emich.edu.
Results will be sent out once the votes have been counted. The deadline for filing grievances against a candidate is Saturday, April 2, at 8 p.m.
Auryon Azar and Cedrick Charles
Auryon Azar and Cedrick Charles are running for student body president and vice president.
“I am the proud, Black son of two Haitian immigrants,” Charles said. “I’m studying political science and economics because I believe policy has the power to better people’s lives, create belonging, and build a world founded on our shared values. In the past year, I had the profound honor of serving as the Speaker of the Senate of EMU student government–and now I’m running for VP to continue the work I’ve done at a new level, and I can’t wait to do that alongside Auryon.”
Rana Aabed
Rana Aabed is a sophomore majoring in psychology at EMU running for Student Senate. Aabed is looking to give power back to EMU students and advocate for a diverse environment on campus while bringing communities together.
“I am running for student government in hopes of enhancing student voices on campus,” Aabed said. “Advocating for students and their wants is my main goal if I am to be elected. In addition, I would love to facilitate more events that can encourage multicultural diversity for our students to become aware of other cultures. I would also hope to increase student-faculty relationships to make our separate communities more close-knit.”
Jessi Kwek 
Jessi Kwek currently serves on the Student Senate, is a part of many initiatives on campus, and is looking forward to new projects, including with Swoop’s Food Pantry.
“I've been fortunate enough to be a part of initiatives like expanding the student emergency fund and working to raise the minimum wage on campus,” Kwek said. “However, a project that I'm most excited about is increasing funding for Swoop’s Food Pantry's Flex bank, which is making good progress. I intend to continue that work if I'm elected to serve on Student Senate again next year. I feel that my time on the Senate has allowed me to connect with students and organizations differently and that I have been able to use my position to implement policies that would support their needs. I hope to be lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to continue this work.”
Adriana Henriquez Mora
Adriana Henriquez Mora currently serves as a Student Senator and wants to continue contributing to the efforts made by the student government, including increasing LGBTQ+ resources, student financial support, and campus safety.
“I am a Latina immigrant who hopes to bring a unique perspective to Student Government,” Henriquez Mora said. “I have seen what the Student Government is capable of, with stuff like the student emergency fund and moving in the refugees, and I have been humbly inspired by it. I am eager to continue these efforts. Specific ideas I would like to focus on include: increasing resources for students that identify as LGBT+, advocating for campus safety and women’s rights, and establishing more funds to give students financial support. As a person who highly values empathy and kindness, I have always had a passion for advocacy. I am excited to continue serving in Senate.”
Lauren Silvia 
Lauren Silvia is running for Student Senate re-election to continue to work on EMU students’ benefits, including higher wages for student workers.
“I'm re-running for election because I want to continue my work this year on the Student Services committee to help students access resources,” Silvia said. “Student Senate is an amazing opportunity to amplify student voices. If I am elected, I hope to work more with other senators to create changes that mean something to students, such as advocating for higher wages.”
Luke Stifter
Luke Stifter is running for the EMU Student Senate to help students feel heard, to work toward a safe campus, and to bring jobs back to campus.
“Often, students' voices are ignored, and by being on the senate, I have a good chance at helping people’s concerns get recognized by the university,” Stifter said. “If elected, my main goal is to make sure Eastern’s campus is welcoming and safe for everyone, but I also want to start a campaign towards getting the rest of the restaurants opened back up in the student center. Not only would this create many new jobs, but there would also be more options for students to use their meal swipes. Come out on March 30th to help make this happen!”
Cole DuVall
Cole DuVall is running for Student Senate to carry out goals oriented toward STEM-based education.
“I want to get the biology, chemistry, and physics labs new equipment, including Sharpies, LabQuests, and pipettes,” DuVall said. 
DuVall also hopes to allocate funding for students on the Papercut system, a print management system.
“STEM classes are typically handout intensive, so poor biology majors tend to run out of credit long before the semester is over,” said DuVall. “If I cannot establish a campus-wide raise of Papercut funds, I would like to have certain classes give students more Papercut money or have a public printer in every residence hall by the end of my term. While it would be difficult to convince the school to buy brand new printers, I believe it is possible to convince them to allow public access (or at least access with special permission) to the RA printers.”
Sean McCormick
If elected to the Student Senate, Sean McCormick has many plans from sustainability to debt relief and disability awareness initiatives.
“If I get elected, I plan to increase sustainability efforts on campus, advocate for programs that reduce the debt students owe on their bills, advocate for underpaid and overworked graduate students,” McCormick said. “In addition, to organize and push for more resources for CAPS and other programs that promote disability awareness, and be a supportive voice for the needs of trans students and other LGBTQ+ students. I also strongly support the efforts of End Title 42, EMU4 Ukraine, and other groups that advocate for issues affecting our world right now!”
Mental health and student government engagement is also a priority to McCormick.
“As someone who has struggled with their mental health over the last few years, I hope to be an advocate for students,” McCormick said. “Whether they are struggling to make friends or staying on top of their priorities, I hope to provide more programs and a safety net for people to feel included at EMU and afford to. Additionally, I hope to get others more excited in engaging with EMU Student Government and on-campus programs!”
Syed Wasiuddin
Syed Wasiuddin’s plans if elected to Student Senate include mental health awareness, improvements to printing and transportation, and more diversity efforts.
“With the alleviating pandemic and the ever-changing conditions for EMU students, it is vital that we come up with a game plan,” Wasiuddin said. “As a STEM student, who has experienced two years of college life at EMU, I understand the problems that students face… Once in the Senate, I hope to offer realistic goals: more mental health awareness, accessible printing, better transportation options, as well as, more diversity and inclusion initiatives.”
Hamzah Dajani
Hamzah Dajani, an international student and freshman at EMU, is running for reelection on Student Senate. Dajani plans to make the everyday lives of students better and to improve EMU’s student organizations and facilities.
“I am a Jordanian international Freshman that has been in student government for a year now,” Dajani said. “In my year on the senate, I have achieved feats such as, improving printing conditions, funding multiple student organizations and working to better countless facilities within Eastern such as Swoop's Food Pantry. Although these are great achievements, I do not plan to stop here. I, just like most of the student body, eat at the Commons everyday, study in the library and student center and live within the campus dorms, and so, I will continue to work to make the everyday life of the student better, whether it be through small or big changes, because I get the opportunity to see these opportunities of improvement everyday.”
Students running for Senate who were unavailable for a quote at the time of publishing are listed below:
Nicholas Yee
Sonya Liggins 
Eva Long 
Kaylen Dutt
Louise Engohang 
Joshua Gallatin 
By Emma Henri
By Jack Swartzinski
By Jasmine Boyd
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