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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – ”The heart of our business is to care about others so I am thankful for our staff and our community that makes this kind of thing work,” owner Katrina Didot said.
A Bowl of Good has been in Harrisonburg for more than a decade, bringing international-inspired cuisine to the Friendly City.
Didot has lived in various countries, including Haiti.
“To be cared for by people who barely have enough to feed their own families, they were taking care of me. I feel like I have a debt to Haiti,” she said.
After fundraising to support Haiti after several earthquakes and disasters, Katrina is preparing to do it again on Friday.
From 4-7 p.m., A Bowl of Good will offer an all-Haitian-inspired menu, including rice and beans, chicken in Haitian red sauce, cabbage slaw and fried plantains.
She says 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Beyond Borders, a nonprofit that aids Haitian communities after disasters.
“Doing things like trying to get food to the smaller villages. Also focusing on how to protect the local economies, giving out cash to individual families and not a lot, maybe $30 or $40 to a family to help feed them for a week,” Didot said.
Aside from regular business, A Bowl of Good participates in several community programs to provide meals to those in need.
“We do have Haitians in our midst. I have neighbors right down the street from me, that are from Haiti. They’re a part of our communities so we should care about their extended families in Haiti,” she explained.
To learn more about A Bowl of Good, click here.
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