38 people kidnapped in Haiti released by gangs – WIC News

As per reports, 38 individuals who were kidnapped by a Haitian gang on Friday were released. It is not clear whether these people were released after paying a ransom.
The Haitian Owners and Drivers Association had revealed on Saturday that around 38 people have kidnapped from two minibuses en route to Miragoane, a remote village around 68 miles from the capital Port-Au-Prince.
The president of the association of owners and drivers of Haiti, Mehu Changeux, told the media that each bus contained 18 passengers each besides the drivers. The mass kidnapping occurred as Haiti was engulfed by armed gangs that police had been unable to stop.
Since June 1, 2021, Haitian authorities have lost control of the only road linking Port-au-Prince to the country’s southern half, with armed gangs controlling a 1.5-mile stretch.
According to Changeux, his organisation has advised vehicles not to travel this route until the state has re-established security. After a month in captivity, three young Turkish ladies were freed last weekend. They had been kidnapped by a criminal organisation that dominates the entire territory east of Port-au-Prince, near the Dominican Republic’s border with Hispaniola. Five additional Turkish nationals are still being held by the gang who seized their bus from Santo Domingo.
The United Nations recorded at least 200 kidnappings in May, with the majority taking place in Port-au-Prince.

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